DEERS/ID Cards Appointment System.


If you are replacing a lost or stolen CAC, you must present a memorandum from your Security Manager at the time of your appointment stating that you have reported the card lost or stolen to them and the date it was reported. E-4's and below are required to bring a counseling statement signed by their Commander or First Sergeant in lieu of the memorandum from the Security Manager.

To accquire a dependent ID card, one of the following is required:
  1. Military Sponsors must be present, or
  2. Family member must have a valid Power of Attorney, or
  3. A DD Form 1172-2 Through the RAPIDS Self Service (RSS) online program,
     at RAPIDS Self Service, or
  4. A DD Form 1172-2 the sponsor has generated at a DEERS/ID Card facility.

If you are acquiring dependent ID cards for multiple family members we would ask you to use one time slot for every 2 dependents. If you have 4 dependents, you would make 2 appointments. Please make them one right after the other (i.e. 9:00 & 9:20).

Expiring ID's must be within 90 days of expiration date for renewal.

ALL contractor personel are required to be populated into the CVS/TASS system before they visit our facility for a CAC.

Proper documentation is required for all DEERS transactions/events. Please click on the link provided for a list of supporting documents to complete each transaction/event:  Identification Card Section

If you are over 18 years old and require an ID Card/CAC you must present 2 valid forms of ID from the acceptable forms of ID list: Download list of Acceptable Forms of ID

To find a RAPIDS site location near you please click on the link:  RAPIDS Site Locator.

Problems using this site? Please call 866-335-2769.

"Forgot your PIN? Locked yourself out of your computer? Click here for a list of locations on Fort Huachuca where you can get your CAC PIN reset."

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