Mobilization and Deployment Readiness

The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program provides active duty, reserve units and guard units with pre and post deployment/mobilization briefings, Rear Detachment training, Reunion Workshops, Battlemind Training, Family Readiness Group training and assistance, information and referral services, resource materials, and Operation R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Education About Deployment and You) training. Training modules provide practical instruction pertaining to ongoing readiness. Topics include: Planning for Deployments, Ongoing Readiness, Coping with Separation, and Financial Planning. The materials are designed to support unit commanders in preparing service members, civilian employees, and their families for military operations.

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Unit and Family Readiness Group (FRG) Briefings

Unit and/or FRG Briefings are available to prepare soldiers and family members for deployment readiness. Requests for briefings may be made by contacting the Mobilization and Deployment Specialist at the ACS Center. Unit briefings include, but are not limited to:

  • Army Community Service (ACS) Overview
  • Battlemind Training
  • Care Team Training
  • Children and Separation
  • Community Resources
  • Coping with Separation
  • Emotional Stages of Deployment
  • Reunion for Soldiers
  • Reunion for Families
  • Reunion for Children
  • Sustainment - How to keep up with the challenges of deployment
  • Understanding and Planning for Military Separation and Pre-Deployment

Operation READY Handbooks:

Family Readiness Group

A Family Readiness Group is a command-sponsored organization of Soldiers, civilian employees, Family Members (immediate and extended) and volunteers belonging to a unit. FRGs will provide mutual support and assistance, and a network of communications among the Family Members, the chain of command, and community resources. FRGs will assist unit commanders in meting military and personal deployment preparedness and enhance the family readiness of the unit’s Soldiers and families. They will also provide feedback to the command on the state of the unit "family."

FRG training is offered one-on-one or in a group setting. You may contact the ACS Center to schedule training or to register for a class. FRG training includes an overview of the FRG, effective leadership, money matters, and volunteerism. Key Caller and Chain of Concern training by appointment.


Family Readiness Group at Large

The FRG at Large is a support group, open to all family members or loved ones of our deployed. Please contact the Mobilization and Deployment Specialist at the ACS Center to register.

Heroes at Home

Heroes at Home events take place throughout the year and are open to family members of our deployed Soldiers, DoD Civilians and contractors. These fun events are a great opportunity to socialize and network with other spouses who are facing the same challenges of deployments. RSVPs are required for all events. Please contact the Mobilization/Deployment Specialist at the ACS Center for more information.

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