Directorate of Emergency Services
Post Physical Security

Physical Security

By providing announced, unannounced, and courtesy inspections IAW Army Regulation AR 190-13, The Army Physical Security Program, we can assure that high standards are being maintained for securing and maintaining the well being of Army materials and other property at Fort Huachuca. We also provide assessments to facilities to determine if they meet the security requirements set forth in regulatory requirements for the security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive and Non-Sensitive). We provide assistance in establishing key control within your organization or directorate. We provide guidance for conducting risk analysis for Army assets. The risk analysis assessment supports the local commander in meeting the responsibility of protecting assets against criminal and terrorist threats in a cost effective manner. We provide armor training to unit's for newly appointed armor’s. We assist in planning security requirements for newly constructed facilities and existing facilities. We provide guidance on requirements for security containers and locks.

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Vehicle Registration

We provide access control at the Main, East and West Gates to the installation. Our guards at all gates maintain a high level of security and professionalism to ensure only authorized personnel gain access to Fort Huachuca. Please don't bring your weapon(s) inside Vehicle registration. Registration is located at the Military Police Station, Building 22336, corner of Christy Ave. and Boyd Ave.All that is required is a bill of sale or other documentation indicating the make, model and serial number is necessary. All personnel registering a weapon on Fort Huachuca will be required to read FH Regulation 190-14 and sign and acknowledge a prepared safety briefing stating they understand the provisions of the regulation. The hours of service are very convenient to the general public and our efficient staff will provide directional guidance to key facilities on Post. We are very interested in hearing your feedback pertaining to our operation.

ICE Comments

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Work Order Processing

All security-related work orders are routed and processed through this office. Any facility requesting an alarm system must go through our office for approval to insure we acquire the most effective, compatible alarm system.

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Physical Security Regulations

Any questions related to Physical Security or Alarms contact our office at 533-2447/8423/3269.

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Security Thought of the Month

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Mission Statement

The Physical Security Branch of the Directorate of Emergency Services supports the Fort Huachuca community by providing the following services: As part of the US Army Garrison our number one priority is to provide the best customer service possible. I think we meet that requirement by providing the services listed.