Libby Army Airfield


Libby Army Airfield (LAAF) is a joint service airfield with the City of Sierra Vista AZ, supporting manned and unmanned aircrafts. Airfield operations and services include Base Flight Operations, Control Tower/Ground Approach Control Facility, USAF Weather, Airport Safety, Airspace Management, Flight Simulator, Refuel Facility, and Crash/Fire/Rescue station.

Its primary mission is to support the 2-13th Aviation Regiment in training Soldiers on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) operations, 304th Military Intelligence Battalion Special Electronics Mission Aircraft (SEMA, RC-12s), other users include general aviation, Forestry (P-2s, SEATS, C-130s, DC-10s, and BAe-146s), Department of Homeland Security (Customs & Border Protection, MQ-9s, ASTAR-350s), and USAF, 355th FW (A-10s), 162d FW (F-16s), 161st ARW (KR-35s), and the 139th AW (Bradys, MO ANG, C-130s). With significant restricted airspace, and a tactical airstrips, we offer some of the best training opportunities for DoD large aircraft within the continental United States.

The airfield is available 24 hours a day, with POL’s operating hours of 0600-1800L. Support outside of these core hours is available on a reimbursable basis. The City managed side offers self fueling, if given advance notice, they can provide refueling after hours.

LAAF Services

Operating Hours Mon 0000L – 2300L Fri, except weekends and holidays
Sequencing and separation of manned and unmanned aircraft
Flight Planning, Filing, NOTAMS, and Airfield Support
Airfield Safety Support
Airspace Management Support
Air Traffic Control Navigational Aid Support
Emergency Response, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF Support)
Aviation Weather Support

LAAF Division Telephone Listing

Position   Telephone
Airfield Manager   (520)-538-2861
Safety Officer   (520)-538-3795
Airfield Operations Officer   9520)-533-5650
LAAF Base Operations   (520)-538-2860
  (520)-538-5538 (fax)
ATC Manager   (520--538-2849
  (520)-538-1312 (fax)
ATC Maintenance   (520)-538-2874
  (520)-538-2809 (fax)
Weather Office (WX)   (520)-538-3798
Noise Complaints   (520)-533-1850

Airfield Division

Chief Airfield Division
(520) 538-2861

Contact Us

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
0730 – 1630

CIV: (520) 533-2291
DSN: (520) 821-2291
Fax: (520) 533-3496

Critical Information Hotline
(520) 538-4636

Building 91251
72 Christy Ave
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613


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