Special Programs

Try One in the Guard/Reserve Program
Offers a one year transfer option in the ARNG/USAR.

MSO Reduction:
Receive up to a two year reduction from your MSO.

The One/Two Year Guarantee Stabilization Option
Accept an assignment in a ARNG/USAR, with Guaranteed stabilization.

The Drill Sergeant Program
Train or Re-certify USAR soldiers as Drill Sergeants. (Reserve only)

Officer Candidate School/ Direct Commission (OCS/DC) Option
Apply for OCS/DC with a minimum of 60 college semester hours.

Military Intelligence Detachment (MIAD- USAR, LDR - ARNG)
Offers unit assignments to soldiers in MI MOS’s, outside reasonable commuting distance.

Technical/Flight Warrant Officer:
Fly or become technical expert in your field.

National Army Medical Dept. Detachment (AMEDD)
Offers unit assignments to 91W w/M6 ASI) outside reasonable commuting distance (USAR)

Contact Information

Active Duty Career Counselor

520 533-5359
520 533-3489
Fax: 520 533-2084
Building 41414
Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Bridgade Career Counselor

520 533-3844
Building 51105
Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Reserve Component Career Counselor

520 533-1121
DSN: 821-1121
Fax: 520-533-2084
Building 41414
Ft. Huachuca, AZ