U.S. Army Trial Defense Service

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Article 15 video and consults - Every Tuesday and Thursday @0900
Separation video and consults - Every Tuesday and Thursday @1330

  • All Soldiers receiving a Company or Field Grade Article 15 must attend a TDS briefing between the 1st and 2nd readings.
  • All Soldiers pending Administrative Separation must attend a TDS briefing after the chapter has been initiated and before it may be finalized.
  • All packets must be hand-delivered to TDS by the unit on or before the day of the briefing.
  • Briefings start promptly at indicated time. Late arrivals and incomplete packets will be turned away.

** If you have been notified that you are or will be the subject of an investigation by any command or agency, download the Suspect Rights Flyer, then contact the TDS Office to schedule an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible.**

For further information, please call the TDS Paralegal at (520) 533-5370

Trial Defense Services Fort Huachuca Field Office Mission

Provide competent/ethical defense counsel services for Army personnel, whenever required by law or regulation and authorized by The Judge Advocate General. Promote programs and policies that enhances the effective and efficient use of defense counsel resources, including the professional qualifications of all personnel providing defense services.


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Contact Information

Riley Barracks,
Bldg 51005 , Room 1166,
Courtyard Side
Fort Huachuca 85613

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday: 0830 - 1130 and 1330 - 1630

SCHEDULE for Article 15s and Chapter Briefings:
* Article 15s - Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 0900
* Chapters - Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 1330

Closed on Federal Holidays and DONSAs